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This wiki is about using the -ck kernel patchset

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2007-06-18: The -ck patchset is being discontinued as of Linux 2.6.22-ck1. Information about the event has been added to this wiki as an article under the name of "End of the ck patchset".

2007-05-04: 2.6.21-ck1 announced with SD as the scheduler 2.6.21-ck1 Announcement

2007-05-02: Con comments briefly on how SD works. 2007-04-04: SD version 0.39 is released with some small changes. A lot of discussion is going on about interactivity, and it seems the mainline scheduler is now getting a lot of attention to make it more fair and interactive.

2007-03-27: RSDL version 0.36 has been released tuesday 27, and renamed to Staircase Deadline (SD). There have been some new ideas lately, still mostly having to do with better time accounting. This patch is thus meant for testing upon -rc5 of 2.6.21 mainline. Con is getting better as well, so he is able to spend a little more time on RSDL.

2007-03-25: RSDL version 0.33 has been released friday 23, and Con is now working with Ingo to fix the cpu accounting of userspace processes in the kernel (at the price of a small overhead). Ingo is back-merging these patches to mainline as well, to test them.

2007-03-04: RSDL released on LKML


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